Summer 2014


Rising ninth through twelfth graders with or without programming experience.


4 weeks of project-based explorations in computer science. Learn to code or expand your existing coding skills. All skill levels welcome, from beginner to expert.


July 2014


St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn


Last july 60 high school students gathered daily at St. Joseph's college in Brookyln, NY to learn all about computer science.

The students had no prior programming experience but left with a solid foundation in computer science.

Here's what our SHIPmates had to say about the program

I came here without a clue of what CS exactly was..., I gained valuable skills and motivation to continue CS when I major in it in college.

This journey has been unbelieveable. I would not have imagined creating a game with my group three weeks ago. The TAs and the mentors have been really helpful. Everyone here is funny and well organized. These four weeks have been a blast as it quickly went by me. I will never forget this experience.

And their parents

Jordan is having an absolutely wonderful time, and he's really enjoying the program. He loves the teachers and his classmates. We're all very impressed with how well run and coordinated the program is. Jordan is having a blast, which isn't always the case with summer camps.

My son was happy to see the weekend pass so he could get back to class. In nine years of school, that's the first time he's ever said that. The class is hard for him, but he is amazed at how much he is learning. Thanks for presenting such a great opportunity to our kids.