• Planning projects

  • Pirates code at SHIP 2014

  • Q: How does Google..., John: Well, when I wrote that...

  • Pair programming

  • We built and programmed a photo booth at SHIP 2014

  • Designing projects at SHIP 2014

Too few have access to quality computer science education delivered by teachers with a history of exciting and inspiring their students.

The CSTUY team, with a combined 50 years of teaching experience, has a history of taking students who never even considered studying computer science and shepharding them to the point where they are ready to work in the tech industry by the time they graduate high school.
We're happy to announce that we're taking applications for our Summer Hackers Immersion Program. Join us in July at LUI Brooklyn to learn to code or to expand on your current coding skills. We're offering sections for students who ... read more
We are happy to announce our first ever CSTUY Hackathon. Def hacks(): will be an all day hackathon for everyone from beginning students to experienced programmers. As long as you're in high school you're eligible. Join us on ... read more

SHIP 2015 applications open

February 1,2015

We are happy to announce that CSTUY is accepting applications for our Summer Hackers Immersion Program (SHIP) 2015. SHIP is a one month, Monday through Friday, full day program hosted at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn. Beginners ... read more